Dark Tower Kickstarter Preview Show Tonight On Twitch!

Join us tonight on Twitch at 7:00 pm EST for the full run down!

With the massive Original Adventures Reincarnated #7 Dark Tower kickstarter less than 24-hours away from launch, we wanted to give fans some advanced details on this absolutely stuffed-to-the-gills kickstarter campaign.

Tonight’s show on Twitch will reveal plans and details on pledge levels, early-backer bonuses, some stretch goals, and much more! Plus, we’ll let you know what is included inside the book itself, from the original module to the update for both 5e and DCC, and the all-new material in The Chosen Sons of Set!

Join hosts Joseph Goodman, Chris Doyle, Michael Curtis, and Bob Brinkman tonight at 7:00 pm EST as they discuss bringing new life to one of the greatest adventure modules ever crafted—Dark Tower!

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