Today’s Schedule for Romance of the Cyclops Con

The Romance begins today!

Romance of the Cyclops Con has launched! The Cyclops’ little girl has found her true love, but can they endure the hardships of romance and come out victorious? Today begins their truest battle!

Fortunately, there are plenty of things to distract them. Namely, games! Lots of games that are being played throughout the weekend!

Are you looking for a last-minute game to play, yourself? You’re in luck! Here are some events that you can still squeeze into and play today!

Suggested Open Games from Premiere Judges and Road Reaver Judges

Suggested Open Games from Player Judges

And don’t forget that any print order placed now through the end of the weekend at our online store will automatically get a free Romance of the Cyclops Con Sticker added to the order! It’s totally free, and a great way to remember the con. Even better, you can pre-order your Romance of the Cyclops Con T-Shirt today as well, so that you can wear it proudly on your chest!

Author: pandabrett

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