Announcing Magic and Monsters of Lankhmar for 5E!

What has nine eyes, five tentacles, a thirst for human flesh, and is coming down the alleyway? I don’t know either, but I think it’s a good idea to run…

Goodman Games is proud to announce a brand new Lankhmar release, and it’s a real monster. A whole book of them, in fact! Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is the new book for 5E that will add some terror and thaumaturgy to your campaign!

This is our first 5E release set in Lankhmar, and we want to start off with something exciting. A book that instantly adds the flavor of Nehwon to your game. As with all of our Lankhmar products, this release is officially licensed from the estate of Fritz Leiber.

Here’s the official blurb:

From the fog-shrouded streets of Lankhmar to your gaming table!

Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is filled with more terrible beasts and new magic than the pages of Skrith of the Scrolls, each presented in a ready-to-use fifth edition format. More than 20 new monsters and over 15 new spells and magical items are included here, each one from the fantastic stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, as written by world-renowned fantasy author, Fritz Leiber.

Produced in cooperation with the Fritz Leiber Estate, Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is the perfect way to introduce a dash of Lankhmar into your fifth edition campaign or to create adventures set in the world of Nehwon—all without the need of Ningauble’s Cave to do so! Get ready to venture to the land of Lankhmar and see what adventure awaits you and your players…

Monsters and Magic of Lankhmar is coming soon! Keep checking back for more information!

Author: pandabrett

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