Adventure of The Month is Live for Road Crew!

Check out our new Adventure of the Month program for Road Crew!

Road Crew unite! Our Advisory Crew has spoken, and Judge Brendan has approved — it’s time to announce the Adventure of the Month! Starting with May-June, the Road Crew will from time-to-time be encouraged to run specific adventures from the GG lineup — and will be eligible for a discount on those adventures as well.

At yesterday’s Road Crew Rally, Judge Brendan shared a lot of exciting upcoming details for the Road Crew in 2022, including the new Adventure of the Month program (Brendan begins talking about this around the 10:00 minute mark). As part of this program, all of our Road Crew are eligible for a free PDF and a 50% discount on the print price of the module currently designated as Adventure of the Month. With so many Road Crew Judges playing the same adventure around the world in any given month, the opportunity for shared experiences and comparisons across gaming groups is through the roof!

Our first Adventure of the Month is DCC #67 Frozen in Time. Just head over to the Road Crew page on the Online Store for a chance to grab the PDF for free, and the print edition at half price, for the entire month of May and June. This offer is only for members of the Road Crew. But if you aren’t on the crew, no worries, you can always join for free! All you have to do is run a DCC game in public, and you’ll get cool swag and access to programs like the Adventure of the Month. Check out What is the Road Crew? for more info.

Author: billward

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