The Gongfarmer Militia 3rd Party DCC Kickstarter Now Live!

Add some extra-special something to your hirelings with The Gongfarmer Militia!

Fresh from Jonathan Sullivan and Per Aspera Games comes The Gongfarmer Militia, a third party Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible zine that expands on the DCC rules for hirelings and followers. The Gongfarmer Militia kickstarter campaign was fully-funded within hours, and the stretch goal ladder — including even more unique hirelings created by guest designers — is quickly being ascended!

The 20 page, saddle-stitched black & white digest-size zine includes:

  • Rules for creating, hiring, and upgrading followers for your player characters;
  • Expanded morale rules and a random table for morale reactions;
  • 7 hireling classes: the gongfarmer militia, hired muscle, temple acolytes, hedge mages, elven guides, halfling cutpurses, and dwarven sappers;
  • Random tables for each hireling class to give your followers unique abilities and traits;
  • Artwork by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio!

The Gongfarmer Militia is informed by the rich tradition of hirelings in fantasy RPGs, going all the way back to the “Men & Magic” booklet in the original White Box. While drawn primarily from the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game, a wide array of fantasy RPGs have provided ideas and inspiration.

Of course, this is a DCC RPG project through and through, which means plenty of random tables and surprises! So why not support The Gongfarmer Militia kickstarter today — after all, you can never have too many henchman!

Author: billward

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