DCC Fans, Ask Your Retailer to Sign Up for DCC Day!

DCC Day is July 16!

Our third annual DCC Day is coming up in July — has your retailer signed up yet? Calling all DCC fans: let your Friendly Local Gaming Store know that you’d love it if they participated in this year’s DCC Day. Registration for DCC Day is open now, so make sure your retailer signs up in advance so you get all the goodies.

Previous years’ DCC Day events have sold out fast, so make sure your retailer has a chance to get you the free and exclusive content only available on this day! Retailers can sign up by contacting us directly at jon@goodman-games.com, or ask us any questions they might have about DCC Day.

DCC Day is a way to celebrate Dungeon Crawl Classics and the larger DCC community. The focus of the day is retail stores, with the goal of uniting local players with their FLGS and expanding the presence of DCC RPG in every store. Participating stores will have the chance to offer our exclusive DCC Day 2022 products to their customers.

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