Join The DungeonCrawlers DCC Fan Community on Discord!

DungeonCrawlers is a fan community like no other!

The DungeonCrawlers Discord is a Goodman Games fan server where community members come together to run RPG games, play in RPG games, and discuss all things RPG. DungeonCrawlers is the hottest place to find virtual DCC, MCC, and DCC Lankhmar games, as well as games from many other Goodman Games products like The Chained Coffin, The Gongfarmers Almanac, adventures from 3rd party publishers, and many others.

Boasting over 1000 members, the server is filled with experienced Judges, 3rd party content creators, artists, and tons of beginner and veteran DCC players. Every Thursday you can find a featured game from the Goodman Games line and every Sunday a different RPG game is featured like Mausritter, Troika, Mork Borg, Alien, Chainmail, and many more. Anyone is welcome to join these games or Judge a game of their own, or you could find an open spot in one of several ongoing campaigns that are run on the DungeonCrawlers server.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link to join today!

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