A Look Inside Fifth Edition Fantasy #19: Denizens of the Reed Maze

You are an accomplished adventurer, but the fens are filled with a different type of threat, in a very different type of terrain. Survival is the key of Fifth Edition Fantasy #19: Denizens of the Reed Maze!

We’ve put together a preview of our latest adventure for 5E, giving you a taste of what awaits between its covers. Chris Doyle takes you on a journey deep into the marshes, discovering things that go splash in the swamps. We invite you to take a look for yourself with our free preview!

And then you can head over to our online store to grab a full copy of the Fifth Edition Fantasy #19: Denizens of the Reed Maze!

Fifth Edition Fantasy #19: Denizens of the Reed Maze

A level 3 adventure for 5E

Your band of adventurers is gaining quite a reputation for yourselves in the borderlands. A local patron encourages you to investigate a recently aggressive band of frogfolk, stirring in the nearby fens. The frogfolk have displaced a benevolent tribe of lizardfolk, and rumors persist they gather resources for an all-out war. The frogfolk have even cut twisting passages through the tall reed grass to defend the route to their hill-top lair. Something sinister must be behind these actions! 

Following a trek through the stinking morass of the reed maze, your band finds a hidden shrine once dedicated to the Earth Mother but now the lair of the frogfolk leader. But all is not as it seems in this desecrated temple. What foul eldritch sorceries have corrupted the frogfolk leader and can the heroes put an end to its diabolical machinations?

  • Denizens of the Reed Maze is an all-new 5E wilderness crawl adventure suitable for a group of 3rd level characters.
  • Contained herein are challenges to test the mettle of both seasoned players and neophytes.
  • In addition to detailed encounters in the swampy reed maze, this module contains a keyed frogfolk village, and a ruined shrine now controlled by the despicable new leader of the tribe, plus full 5E statistics on several varieties of frogfolk.

Author: pandabrett

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