Free Gen Con Badge and Hotel Credit for Tournament Judges!

500 players across 100 tables — think you can handle it? Return to the Starless Sea with us and check out the perks of being a Tournament Judge!

Our fantastic volunteers are at the heart of every one of our convention appearances and, with a massive DCC Tournament planned for this upcoming Gen Con, we want our prospective Tournament Judges to know about some of the benefits of helping us run this colossal endeavor! For starters, all of our Judges get a free Con Badge, but of course it doesn’t stop there…

All of our Gen Con Tournament Judges will receive a $200 dollar hotel credit for the convention stay, after all it’s assumed that even Judges must occasionally stop for sleep, or at the very least have a place to keep their stuff. And, speaking of stuff, all of our Tournament Judges will also get cool unique perks in the form of Tournament Swag!

So, if Return(ing) to the Starless Sea with DCC at this year’s Gen Con sounds like something you’d be up for, and you are willing to run one or two tournament events with us at Gen Con 2022, we want to hear from you! For Judges already running regular games at the Con, you can volunteer for the Tournament in addition to, or as a replacement for, other events you may have considered.

If you are interested, please let Jen know at! Read on for more details.


The 2022 Gen Con DCC Team Tournament will be a 0-level funnel that sends the peasants to raid the Keep. We will be running 100 tables of round one events. Yes, you read that right. The tournament will grow five-fold and 500 players will assault the keep across 100 tables. Their success (or failure) will carry forward to the final rounds and once again one team shall be crowned champion!

It is 500 years after the events of Sailors on the Starless Sea. Once more, the ruins of the keep are visited by strange noises, odd screams, and phantom lights. Something has returned from the deep, and the villagers are scared. Legends have carried forth through the generations how the village ancestors once stormed the keep and put down its evil. Today’s villagers remember the stories – and they will not let evil rise again. They form up ranks and send wave after wave of pitchfork-wielding peasants to assault the keep again. Nevermore shall the chaos lords rise! Not when the peasants have found the courage to…

You have proven yourself to be fabulous judges. And now we need you to join the ranks of our tournament judges. The Gen Con 2022 Tournament will be much larger, but the first round will also be much “flatter.” We are deliberately structuring the tournament to make it easier for new DCC players to join – and to make it easier for judges to participate in round one. Round two games will still be the traditional Tomb of Horrors-inspired “deathtrap dungeon,” but round one will be something an experienced DCC judge can pick up and play with much less “homework” than in the past. 

If you like the sound of that and want to help us Return to the Starless Sea is grand style, let Jen know at!

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