Announcing the Winners of the Road Crew Bumper Sticker Design Competition!

You may recall that entries for something called The 2022 Road Crew Bumper Design Contest ended a short while ago. And since that time, we’ve been busy judging some amazing submissions.

We were not disappointed by the creativity of our fans! Scores of entries later, we’ve sifted through and come up with the winners of this contest!

The top three winners each receive an original piece of black & white art by Bradley K. McDevitt, and will have their designs printed by Goodman Games. They’ll be perfect for putting on the back of your wizard van…or whatever else is accepting of stickers.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who sent in a design. You folks are the best fans in the industry, and we love to see your creativity on display.

So, without further ado, here are the winners, as well as some notable runners-up, for The 2022 Road Crew Bumper Design Contest!


Design by Hector Cruz


Design by Matt Robertson


Design by Jonathan F Sullivan


Design by Joey Royale

Design by Matt Robertson

Design by Matt Robertson

Design by Matt Robertson

Design by David Northcutt

Author: pandabrett

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