AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 3 “Monsters of Myth” 3rd Party DCC Kickstarter Now Live

It’s time to return to ancient Greece! Aeon is back with an all-new 3rd party Kickstarter!

Everybody loves a good monster book, and the myths of ancient Greece had some of the best monsters of all time. And AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 3 “Monsters of Myth” is bringing you three dozen of them in all their glory!

Here are some details, straight from the Kickstarter:

Whether your campaign takes place in our Ancient Greek setting… In Lankhmar… On the Purple PlanetThe Empire of the EastMutant Crawl Classics…  Umerica… or your own doesn’t matter because this brand new volume is going to help you bring the wondrous and downright terrifying to your campaign thanks to 36 new monsters inspired by Greek mythology for your Dungeon Crawl Classics game.

The Ancient Greeks measured their heroes by their mighty deeds.

And nothing will test your players’ mettle, luck, and their standing with the Gods, like a battle to the death with an epic monster.

Your players have better rested and healed up ‘cuz they’re gonna need all their HP, Spells, Abilities and Luck if they want to defeat, let alone live to tell the story of their legendary battles with these mythical monsters!

Oh, and did we mention add-ons? Because this campaign has some great add-ons, including (but not limited to) the Poisoned Skulls dice set! That’s right, they’ve got a fantastic set of green dice that fit in with any DCC campaign. Or, as they phrase it, “The Toxicant Mage once instilled his collected skulls with a sickly green stream of poisonous arcane energy” and the result was these dice.

So don’t delay! This campaign is already fully-funded and just waiting for your pledge. Show your support for AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 3 “Monsters of Myth” today!

Author: pandabrett

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