The Sequels Attacked, And Here’s The Result!

It was neck-and-neck right up to the end, but the fans have spoken:

DCC #83 The Chained Coffin is the winner of the Attack of the Sequel poll!

You can be assured that another trip into the pine-shadowed hills and hollows of the Shudder Mountains awaits the DCC RPG fans in the future. What secrets and terrors might be still lying among the pastoral beauty of the Shudders? We at Goodman Games are just as excited to find out as you are!

We’ll all have to wait until Michael Curtis returns from his next expedition into the Shudder Mountains to learn more, so keep your eyes on the Goodman Games website for future updates on this sure-to-be-exciting sequel!

And thank you to everyone who made their voice heard! Who knows when the sequels may attack again…?

Author: pandabrett

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