“The Time-Lost Citadel” 3rd Party MCC Kickstarter Now Live

Holster your zap gun and strap on your sonic saber as Old Mars gives up its secrets!

Journey on a Sword and Planet adventure inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Flash Gordon; travel to a strange alien world home to ancient civilizations, brutal environments, and the clash of high tech weaponry with savage steel. Fresh from Louis Hoefer comes “The Time-Lost Citadel” a standalone sequel to “Seekers of the Un-K’Nown,”an adventure through a Martian landscape full of secrets and sandbox style gaming for your party of post-apocalyptic adventurers.

This kickstarter is already fully-funded!

This 100+ page book will hearken back to the old days of rich lore and wild invention, with a new spells and weapons, rules for factional enclaves vying for control of Mars, more weird monsters than you can fry with a heat gun, all wrapped around a pulp style hex-crawl with a perilous lost pyramid at its center. Stretch goals will unlock more reference guides, player handouts, pre-gens, and even more amazing art to bring the harsh red world of “The Time-Lost Citadel” to full life.

This pulp-style Mutant Crawl Classics adventure is a sandbox with many adventure jump-off point, with lots to explore for characters of approximately second level. Back this already fully-funded kickstater today, and help reach the stretch goals that will bring Old Mars to life like never before!

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