Goodman Games To Offer Non-Fungible Canvases (NFCs)

Goodman Games is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with our artists to offer Non-Fungible Canvases, or NFCs. We believe the unique imagery available on one-of-a-kind NFCs will offer an incredible experience for our fans. Incredibly, each Non-Fungible Canvas can be owned by only one fan at a time, allowing them to exclusively appreciate the image it holds.

Each NFC will be uniquely identifiable by its signature image, as well the artist’s signature on the canvas. These NFCs are non-interchangeable and can be bought, sold, and traded as unique items. Because there is, in fact, only one such canvas for each piece of original art.

To generate these NFCs, each artist will create a piece of original art using paint and canvas. The paint will actually be applied to the canvas using a revolutionary modern technique called painting. This remarkable act requires no digital component. Once the act of painting is completed, the resulting canvas will be uniquely identified, and only one such Non-Fungible Canvas will exist for each act of painting. 

Customers who acquire a Non-Fungible Canvas will own it, and no one else will be able to use that NFC. The customer can choose to hang the NFC on their wall, or hide it in the attic, or give it to Aunt Mathilda. Each NFC is one-of-a-kind and we guarantee that customers who purchase an NFC will not find it duplicated on any other canvas.

Goodman Games anticipates offering these remarkable new NFCs at future conventions later this year. Customers will be able to attend an event known as an “art show” where the NFCs will be displayed and offered for sale.

P.S. April fool’s!

Author: pandabrett

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