New DCC Adventures and Zines In The Online Store! Plus MCC First Time Fan Kit!

Some fantastic new third-party adventures and zines have debuted in our online store this week—along with a special kit to get people started with MCC RPG!

It’s a fantastic selection for fans of DCC and MCC alike! With huge adventures and much more!

Let’s take a look!

MCC First-Time Fan Kit


If you are looking to start down the road of Mutant Crawl Classics, this is the place to start! We’ve put together a special bundle deal combining the four essentials of playing MCC RPG into one package for you you. 

This bundle deal contains an MCC rulebook (exact cover may vary), a dice set, judge’s screen, and an introductory adventure module.

These products carry a suggested retail price of over $80, and we’re offering it to you at less than half of that price in this deal! Grab your bundle today!

Limit one purchase per customer. We may substitute a different adventure module, dice set, or edition of the rulebook than the one shown here.

Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride (DCC Compatible) – Print + PDF

An uncharted expanse! An ancient ziggurat! A blasphemous secret! Do you dare enter the forsaken tomb of the Mummy Bride?

Hate and horror gave it life… but nothing could bring it death! In the hell-pit of this centuries-old tomb the accursed Mummy Bride lies in wait, perverted by the wonders of black magic and cult sacrifice… to unleash a horror beyond imagination!

Do your players dare to penetrate the forsaken pyramid’s inner chambers and overcome its terrible guardians to come face-to-face with the Mummy Bride in the shattered vestiges of her ancient tomb?

Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep – Print + PDF

A low-level adventure to save Yarrowbone’s meat industry from an unknown badlands predator.

Yarrowbone is known for its delicious cured and smoked meats. Folk travel for hundreds of miles to sample the delights of the villager’s meaty products. There’s a problem though. Something is ravaging the livestock out in the badlands leaving dismembered and disemboweled sheep out rotting in the midday sun.

Yarrowbone’s leader is worried and the farmers and shepherds are having to graze their flocks elsewhere to keep the dwindling meat supply safe.

Unfortunately, as the herd animals have not been reared and fed on the vegetation found in the badlands, the taste of their meat isn’t the same, and as sales decline, the locals are getting restless.

Several groups, including an angry mob of locals, have gone out to try and hunt whatever is devastating their livestock, but they too have generally ended up as carcasses for the vultures.

Only one person has lived to tell the tale and he refuses to go out there again. Most of the bodies of those villagers killed have been recovered. Two are still missing.

The inhabitants of Yarrowbone are getting desperate and need some heroes to find the missing settlers and save their precipitous meat industry from whatever is destroying it.

AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 2: Deeper Into the Labyrinth – Gold Foil Cover – Print + PDF

Can You and Your Friends Defeat the Dastardly Daedalus and Claim One of the Greatest Treasures in the Ancient World?

“Deeper Into the Labyrinth” is a level 1 DCC compatible adventure that has you delving further into the Labyrinth of Minos to confront Daedalus and his minions.

*IMPORTANT*: While recommended, you do not need volume 1 to play and enjoy this second issue.

Get ready to put your wits, intellect, and strength to the test for Daedalus does NOT like to be bothered and he has set up suitable traps to ensure his work is not disturbed.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Call upon the Gods themselves to aid you in your quest! Brand new rules on how to Invoke the Olympian Gods allow you to gain the blessings and boons of the Gods themselves. 
  • 3 new Wizard Patron Gods including unique Spellburn, Corruption, and Taint charts for each Patron God(dess)!..
  • Plus… 9 BRAND NEW, original Patron-specific spells for wizards…
  • Also included is an extensive list of Ancient Greek heroes such as Achilles, Odysseus, Perseus, and many more that can be used as NPCs! Includes their stats as well as a brief bio and background history to inspire you.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Get AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 2 today and enjoy this print and PDF bundle right away!

This version of AEON Vol. 2 features gold foil printing on colored paper.

AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 2: Deeper Into the Labyrinth – White Cover – Print + PDF

As above but with a white cover.

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