Ken St. Andre’s Monsterary of Zimrala Now Live on Kickstarter!

It’s not just a Bestiary — it’s a Monsterary!

We here at Goodman Games have been fortunate to work with some of the most talented voices in the industry. That’s why, when we saw that our friends responsible for the amazing Grimtooth’s Traps line of products were having a kickstarter, we couldn’t wait to share the good news. Ken St Andre’s Monsterary of Zimrala isn’t a Goodman Games or DCC product, but we bet that anyone who enjoyed Grimtooth’s Traps will get a kick out of what Ken St. Andre and friends have cooked up in this system-neutral tome.

Ken St Andre’s Monsterary of Zimrala is a book of monsters with over 111 unique illustrated creatures, from the dangerous Ambaina all the way to the Zimralan Wraith. Almost all these creatures have never before been seen anywhere in print. Every monster entry includes details on how to use it with any fantasy rpg. 

Besides the monsters the book includes a whole new fantasy world for you to explore and adventure in, a world populated with unique beasts, many strange mysteries, and lost civilizations. The book includes a section about the world, its environs, details on many of its dark secrets, and hints about the tumultuous disaster of its past. It also includes a Zimrala-specific adventure that can be run by a GM, or solo gamed.

Almost everyone working on this book has worked on other RPG books and kickstarters in the past, Including Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania, Citybooks, and many others.  Writers and editors include Ken St Andre, Bear Peters, Stefan Jones, and Debora Kerr. The Monsterary also includes art by Steve Crompton, Liz Danforth, Rob Carver, Phil Longmierer, Tom Ardans, Simon Lee Tranter and others.

A big book of monsters from a veteran team of writers and artists sounds like a winner to us! Check out this sample page for an idea of how this system-neutral reference can inspire your own gaming:

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