Support Ukraine with RPG Alliance Con Next Weekend

Goodman Games stands with Ukraine!

The RPG Alliance Con, a group out of Canada, is putting together an online event with the goal of helping those people who have been displaced or otherwise affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. While Goodman Games is not directly involved with this event, we encourage you to participate and support those in need.

The details they provided are below! And we’ll see you online next weekend!

Role Players for Ukraine

The unprovoked war in Ukraine is horrible. As they stand up to the bully against them, the world has come together in support of Ukraine, and we at RPG Alliance Con would like to help out in the way we can: by organizing RPG events. And so, we’re running an online fundraiser. It might seem at odds to play games when people are losing their lives and homes, but let’s channel that game energy into something bigger than ourselves. Even once the war is over, they will need the world’s support to recover and rebuild.

The event is free but we’re asking you to donate in support of humanitarian efforts. Donations go directly to the charities you select; we do not collect anything.

What you can do to get involved:

  1. Sign up now to run a game (or more) on the weekend April 2-3!
  2. Sign up now to play April 2-3!
  3. Fundraise in your regular game now until April 3!
  4. Promote this event! Please share with your friends and followers!

Streamers: please consider using our Streamlabs Charity link or our Canadian charity link during your stream!

This is an online event but you’re welcome to join the fundraiser with your in-person group using our fundraising links!

Thank you for considering our fundraising event to help the people of Ukraine!

Author: pandabrett

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