And the Winner of the 2022 Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest is…

A mystery no longer, it’s time to congratulate the winner!

After months of careful consideration by our esteemed panel of judges, the submissions for the 2022 Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest were narrowed down to six lucky finalists. Each was chosen for their unique adventure pitches, their ability to draw inspiration from the Appendix N authors, and for creating interesting additions to the Mystery Map. Winnowing down all the entries to a mere half dozen was not easy, but the six that made it to the final round all had a great shot at taking the prize.

The finalists were Jess Gabriell Cron (“The Rift of Seeping Night”), Zachary Batalden (“Ordoolah the Undying and Her Everlasting Enclave”), Ariel Churi (“The Adoration of the Aspic Alchemist”), Christopher Messemore (“Indomitable Will of the Empyrean Princes”), Jeffrey A. Regner (“The Stone Peddler of Falun”), and Stefan Surratt (“The Inheritance of the Honey Queen”).

In the end, it came down to three entries vying for the prize, but only one could walk away with the title of this year’s Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest Winner. Goodman Games is pleased to announce that . . .

. . . Jess Gabriell Cron is that winner!

Please join us in extending a virtual round of applause to not only Jess Gabriell Cron, but all this year’s finalists. Some of those names are undoubtedly familiar to DCC RPG fans, but others are sure to become more so if they continue to create fantastic material for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

Didn’t make the cut this year? Don’t worry. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of the Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest. Start getting those creative juices flowing and thinking about next year’s entries! If you can’t wait that long, Goodman Games enthusiastically encourages and promotes third party publishers to create DCC RPG and MCC RPG material. You can find out more about that process by following this link.

Let us close by extending a hearty “thank you” to everyone who submitted an entry to the Mystery Map Design Contest this year. It was a pleasure to read them and see what the DCC fans are coming up with. We here at Goodman Games attest that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic and creative fan base in the RPG hobby. Thank you all for continuing to prove us right!

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