Goodman Games Will Broadcast Live from Gary Con!

Join Goodman Games next weekend for live coverage of Gary Con on Twitch!

Our intrepid team of ace reporters will be deeply embedded in the Gary Con scene next week — and you can check out all the action on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel!

Live and on the floor at Gary Con, we’ll be bringing you behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Goodman Games booth, streams of in-Con gaming from your favorite Judges, informative seminars from our writers and artists providing insight into the Goodman Games-style and notes on the RPG industry itself, and maybe a few other surprises on the way. It’s all the news you can use, and it’s all live and on site!

For the next-best-thing to being there itself, check out our live coverage of all things Goodman Games at Gary Con from start to finish, only on our Official Twitch channel. Below is our Gary Con streaming schedule, with all times listed as Eastern Standard (note that Gary Con is in the Central time zone, event listings may differ from streaming times listed below).

9:00 pm Booth Preview with JenBehind the scenes at the GG booth!
10:00 amXcrawl: Murder Mountain Smackdown Zero-level character funnel/ play-with-the-creator event.
7:00 pmThe Counting House of Port PerduszLevel 2 adventure for DCC Dying Earth.
3:00 pmArtwork of Appendix NSeminar on classic fantasy art
4:00 pmDCC RPG Isn’t D&DGG writers’ seminar on DCC-style storytelling
7:00 pmTomb of the Savage KingsAdventure paying homage to classic Mummy films
10:00 amThe Art of DCC RPGSeminar on DCC’s iconic art style with GG artists
4:00 pmHow to Write Even Better Adventure ModulesGG writer’s seminar on do’s and don’ts of adventure writing and breaking into the industry
10:00 pmCon wrap-up and Interviews with JenJen covers the highlights of the Con!

All news, no snooze — be sure to join us for Goodman Games’ live Gary Con coverage on Twitch!

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