“The Hangman’s Garden” 3rd Party DCC Kickstarter Now Live

They had a special show last night on Twitch to launch their newest Kickstarter, and it’s already fully funded and going strong! We’re talking about Smoking Wyrm Monograph 2: The Hangman’s Garden, the new introductory adventure from Blind Visionary Publications. And it’s written by some guy named Dieter Zimmerman—that name is really familiar for some reason…

Let’s look at info straight from the Kickstarter:

The silhouette of the sheriff stands in the cave entrance above you. “You are accused, and only Justicia can determine your fate now. If you come out the other side, your innocence has been proven and you may go about your business. If you are guilty, then you will not survive the Hangman’s Garden!”

The Hangman’s Garden is suitable as a funnel, or a first or second-level adventure. It is a great way to start a campaign but also works equally well as an interlude. It is well-suited for home tables and for convention tables—indeed, we cannot think of a better way to introduce newcomers to the wonderful world of Dungeon Crawl Classics.

  •  Written by Dieter Zimmerman
  •  Art Jae Tanaka and Trevor Stamper
  •  Digest size (approximately 5 ¼″ by 8 ¼″)
  •  20-24 pages cover to cover (pending final layout)
  •  9 tarot-sized adversary art cards (2.75″ x 4.75″) professionally printed on casino grade linen with a black core and held in a back-cover single hit foil die-stamped sleeve
  •  3 environmental view cards (4×6) professionally printed on heavy grade stock for easy handling and long life. 
  •  Two-color interior
  •  Limited Print Edition—Archival-quality cover stock and interior paper meant to hand down to your children as a prized possession; hand numbered for print backers (as per backing level—not every level gets this item). This Risograph version is printed by a small business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  •  PDF version—Every backer gets a PDF version of the monograph!

Smoking Wyrm Monograph 2: The Hangman’s Garden has already passed their first stretch goal and are well on the way to the rest! So check out the replay of their Twitch special, and then help them reach all their stretch goals by pledging your support today!

Author: pandabrett

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