Support Cat Rescues With Dave Baity’s DCC Raffle

Dave Baity—a good friend of Goodman Games and the man behind the Weird Frontiers RPG—is back with his annual charity auction to help benefit a local cat rescue, and we hope you can help him out.

By donating through the link on his Facebook Page, you qualify for the raffle to win one of many great prizes, including game bundles, dice, and original artwork! There are dozens of fantastic prizes available, but more importantly, your donation helps out a great cause. You can see all of the prizes on Dave’s Facebook page.

All proceeds from this auction will go to help out Paved Paws Animal League, a foster-based rescue for felines in Greenville, SC.

Here’s Dave’s reasoning behind this special charity event:

I have a real soft spot for most things running around on four legs, with cats being my favorite people on planet earth. One Saturday, several years ago, I happened to be in a PetSmart store and saw some ladies spending their Saturday trying to adopt out felines that they fostered after ensuring they were healthy. It never really hit me until that day the amazing things these rescues do, and the sacrifice they make. It wasn’t long afterward that I decided to do my part. I threw together a gaggle of nerdy goodies and set up a prize raffle where all money raised was donated to these special people and the animals they give a chance at life to, while at the same time giving some cool gifts away.

So give what you can. You might win something special, but you’ll definitely be helping out an animal in need. Get all the details at Dave’s Facebook page!

Author: pandabrett

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