New DCC Dice Sets Added On To DCC 100 Kickstarter!

DCC 100 continues to spin into the stratosphere of Kickstarter stretch goals!

DCC 100 The Music of the Spheres is Chaos is not only our most ambitious adventure ever, but it’s a celebration of how far all of us have come on our DCC journey.

And the fans have spoken with overwhelming support for the campaign, already unlocking a slew of amazing stretch goals like heavy boardgame stock for some game components, tons of extra player handouts, another game board and even more game aids! DCC 100 will be absolutely packed full of extras by the time the kickstarter has run its course.

If all that wasn’t enough, we’ve just created add-on options to get some Elemental Themed DCC dice sets at a great deal as part of the campaign. We even have an option to vote on your preferred design for the Void dice set. Of course, adding to your existing pledge through add-ons means that every backer gets that much closer to enjoying those higher level stretch goal unlocks!

So heed the siren’s call of the Music of the Spheres today and help make this landmark DCC publication the absolute best it can be!

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