Back On the Road With Swag, Ziggurats, Wizard Vans and Tournaments!

It’s 2022 and that means it’s time to hit the road in style — Wizard Van Style!

Our recent Road Crew Rally was packed through with so much information about the exciting road ahead this year for Goodman Games that you’ll definitely want a comfy chair to sit in while the sheer grand scale of it unfolds. From the cool rebirth of our favorite swag to the inevitable promise of a four story Ziggarut for the GG Gen Con booth . . . the road ahead for 2022 is paved with wild intentions!

Brendan LaSalle and Sarah Brown were joined by a revolving panel of guests from all aspects of the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics as details were discussed, plans were announced, and non-Euclidian forces unleashed! The finest in Road Crew Swag was available for display; the return of the character sheet bookmark, the pocket folder, and the dreaded DEATH STAMP! Not only that, a new, streamlined and easier than ever process for Crew to collect their swag going forward will be implemented this year — ’cause the only thing better than free swag, is hassle-free swag.

Of course, much of the discussion centered around the excitement of this year’s eagerly anticipated return to Gen Con — and you know that if there is ever a year that really, truly demands we go all out for the best and biggest convention presence possible it’s this one. They’ll be lots of gaming: some intrepid souls even daring a Return to the Starless Sea! And we think Gen Con goers this year will have an extra easy time finding our booth — it’ll be the one with the four-story Ziggurat towering above it.

And, of course, the Wizard Van will also be at Gen Con this year — and we don’t mean in the parking lot. You might even get to game in it!

For all this and a great deal more go check out our round robin rally that has all of us absolutely psyched for a return to in person gaming this year. Even if you aren’t a member of the Road Crew, you won’t want to miss this fun look at the road ahead.

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