Share the News on DCC #100’s ‘The Poster of 100 Covers!’

Complete this booster to be entered in a drawing to win a $200 credit to the Goodman Games online store! PLUS it will help us enhance the project if enough backers submit!

We want to extend the stretch goals for this Kickstarter campaign!

DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos is our most ambitious adventure to date! Over 6 years in the making, this boxed set for DCC RPG features a unique and daunting dungeon map composed of four spinning sub-maps. You have never seen a dungeon map like this one!

We wanted to make our 100th adventure in the DCC line special. And with this being our 100th adventure in the line, that gives us a lot of covers from the past—and we want to share them with you as a poster! Enter today to help make the poster a reality!

With 1000 entries, we’ll create a poster featuring all 100 covers of the DCC modules for Kickstarter backers!

Our goals are based on OVERALL entries. And you do not have to be a backer of the Kickstarter to enter (though we think it’s a great Kickstarter, so backing it seems like a good idea to us). So tell your friends to take part in the booster campaign. It’s a great and easy way to level up the stretch goals for DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos!

DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos Booster

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