DCC #100 Kickstarter Off To A Roaring Start


Our biggest and most ambitious adventure ever is now live on Kickstarter, and has sped past the earliest stretch goals and headed towards completing them all! …which will, of course, force us to add new ones.

So far supporters have unlocked heavier car stock for game components, lots of extra player handouts, another game board and other game aids! DCC 100 will be packed full of extras by the time the kickstarter has run its course.

But before then, be sure to check out the recording of the launch special below! It’s the perfect way to get all the info on this amazing new adventure.

The music of the spheres is calling to you! Answer their siren song and head on over to Kickstarter to become the latest backer for this exciting new module!

Eons past, a society of vision-haunted philosopher-kings marched their armies into a mountain fortress at the top of the world. On their backs, they bore a legendary treasure-hoard: coffers spilling over with blazing gems, strongboxes bright with gold, and the jeweled idols of a thousand gods. They were never seen again.

Today those once-imperious halls are coated with dust and ice. Memories of the fabled treasure hoard – and the heretical Theophages – are lost to antiquity.

But deep within the heart of the mountain, the flames of Chaos sputter and flare.

Welcome to Dungeon Crawl Classics #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos, our most ambitious adventure to date! Over six years in the making, this boxed set for DCC RPG features a unique and daunting dungeon map composed of four spinning sub-maps. You have never seen a dungeon map like this one.

In addition, the adventure is supported with a spinning alembic key, copious player handouts and puzzles, and all the judge’s tools you’ll need to challenge the fiercest of reavers and cutthroats. Designed for 5th level adventurers, this adventure will span several gaming sessions. It takes your PCs from the sordid dives of Punjar to the highest peaks of the known world, and into the very heart of creation as they strive against a monster birthed from raw chaos.

You won’t mistake this dungeon for any other adventure, anywhere, ever.

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