T-Shirts Shipped for Empire of the Cyclops Con

Now that the Spawn and her newfound love have made it past their first Valentine’s Day, they are pleased to announce that their appointed minions have completed the task set to them and printed all of the shirts from Empire of the Cyclops Con! Not only that, but they went ahead and shipped them out to everyone who ordered one. Those two have some great subordinates under their collective paws and hooves!

This means that both the We Gamed, We Streamed, We Conquered shirt and the orange DCC Skull shirt have shipped out to everyone who ordered them during the con!

If you ordered one—or both—of our T-shirts from Empire of the Cyclops Con, you probably should have received it by now; if you have not, please let us know by emailing us at info@goodman-games.com

Author: pandabrett

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