DCC Publishers, Contribute to the Shared Event “Geas Across the Multiverse”

The forces of the multiverse have called upon you! A grand gathering is happening, and you have been tasked with becoming a part of this effort to save all of reality before it is too late…

“Geas Across the Multiverse” is a new project meant to bring together the various worlds created by the amazing talent who have built their worlds for Dungeon Crawl Classics (and Mutant Crawl Classics) and published them as third-party releases. This ambitious event will play out at conventions throughout 2022 and the following year before culminating at Gen Con 2023.

Eventually, the entire amalgamation will be published into a single volume after events have played out.

Co-organizer James Pozenel gives the details below:

“Geas Across the Multiverse” is a Third Party Publishers (3PP) themed collaborative DCC RPG event. “Geas Across the Multiverse” takes place at conventions (both in-person and online) during 2022-23. Teams of players will attempt to “save the multiverse” from doom while experiencing a wide variety of 3PP content (even within a single 4-hour game slot!).

If you are a third-party publisher, or want to be a third-party publisher, write a small encounter (3k words max) using your homebrewed/published setting. It will be woven into the collaborative event and published when it concludes!

Check our publisher guidelines for details.

For more information, contact James Pozenel at lectrotext@gmail.com or join the DCC Multiverse Discord.

So if you are a third-party publisher—or aspire to be one—why not submit an encounter from your world to this collaborative event? This could be a wild ride and one heck of a good time for all!

Author: pandabrett

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