Support the Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt Kickstarter for DCC RPG

As a follow-up to his popular Akashic Titan zine, creator Leighton Connor goes exactly where no one expected—into the classic comics of Simon and Kirby!

Based on the comic created by two titans of the comics industry, Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt expands upon the setting Connor created to add in the worlds of Deltos and Voltor. And you can help bring these new worlds to life over at the Kickstarter to fund the release.

Let’s read what Connor had to say about this new setting:

Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt is the follow-up to my Akashic Titan zine, which was funded and released in 2020. Akashic Titan introduced giant, magically-powered metal constructs that soar across the endless Bands in their journey from world to world. It detailed two settings, the port city Starnheim and the Elaborate Crystal Palace. Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt brings to life a new setting, the subterranean kingdoms of Deltos and Voltor. 

The Simon and Kirby magic is there from the beginning, as our hero Blue Bolt battles the beautiful-but-wicked Green Sorceress and her high-tech Green Empire. There’s magic, ray guns, dragons, mutants, gangsters, romance, and more—in short, everything you could want in an RPG adventure game. 

Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt is compatible with the DCC RPG system, and is already funded on Kickstarter! In fact, it’s already made it past the first stretch goal, so it’s time for you to help them get to that next stretch goal and beyond!

Head on over to the Akashic Titan: Blue Bolt Kickstarter today!

Author: pandabrett

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