Support the Chaos Before the Mast Kickstarter for DCC RPG

It’s time to hoist anchor and set sail on the waves of Kickstarter to support Chaos Before the Mast, the latest adventure from Gaming Honors for DCC RPG!

Taking inspiration from some of the greatest sea-faring epics of all time, Chaos Before the Mast is a 2nd level adventure for DCC RPG that puts you to sea to face dangers of all manners. Let’s see what they have to say directly from the Kickstarter:

In Martin Buinicki’s latest module Chaos Before the Mast, adventurers set sail in search of a wizard’s sunken treasure. Before they reach their destination, they will live the life of a sailor and face the many perils of the sea. Those who do well earn “Crew Points,” and may find themselves becoming honorary shipmates of the Intrepid Eel, complete with tattoo…if they survive!

But it’s not all fair winds and following seas. This is a voyage that will test the mettle of the bravest heroes!

So what are you waiting for, landlubber? Show your salt and steer over to Kickstarter to support this new third-party Kickstarter for DCC RPG. The campaign is already funded and clearing stretch goals like they’re jibing at full mast. Go show your support today!

Author: pandabrett

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