Show Your Love…With Our Valentine’s Day Adventure

Valentine’s Day is only a week away! Have you picked out a gift for your special someone yet? We’ve got a monster idea for you…

The 2022 Valentine’s Day Module: Love in the Age of Gongfarmers makes for a great gift for your significant other! No, seriously, hear us out…

If you’re S.O. is a judge, the gift of a new DCC RPG module shows that you know them and that you want them to continue their game. You want to be a part of their life. If YOU are the judge, and they play in your game, then this is a great way to spend time together and share in a hobby that you both love. We truly mean that this adventure is a great gift for Valentine’s Day!

The adventure itself is an exciting, fun, and humorous romp into the world of love and all of the things we are willing to go through to make it work. If you buy the module today, there is still a chance that you will get the physical copy in time to hand it to them personally, but you will definitely have access to the PDF version of the adventure immediately.

So check out the details below, and then head over to our online store to grab your copy of the 2022 Valentine’s Day Module: Love in the Age of Gongfarmers today!

An all-new DCC RPG adventure for level 2 characters.

In this special Valentine’s Day-themed adventure, the PCs play a group of adventurers who face the wrath of an offended deity who has substituted the heart of a young cleric with that of a mechanical bear. To save the cleric, the PCs must face candy heart puzzles, feral fluffees, and other obstacles if they are to keep hope alive and once again know love in the age of gongfarmers.

Originally conceived and performed as “The Lost Heart of Valentinus in the Funnel Love” for Spawn of Cyclops Con 2021 with the winners of the “Love in the Age of Gongfarmers” contest. 

Author: pandabrett

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