Support the Kickstarter for the DCC Edition of “Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep!”

You’re not likely to forget the name of this adventure any time soon!

Say it with me everybody — “Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep.” Fresh from Enie Gold Award-winning cartographer and designer Glynn Seal and the team at MonkeyBlood Design and Publishing comes a fully DCC-compatible low-level adventure with a completely, totally, absolutely normal name that you’re sure to remember. And with more than two weeks still left on the clock, we’re thrilled to report that the Rancid Canyons kickstarter is already fully-funded!

When Yarrowbone’s herds are menaced by a sinister and unknown threat, the village grows desperate for adventurers to step up and take care of business. But (in case the title wasn’t a big enough hint!) things are not all as they seem in the regions outside Yarrowbone . . .

Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep 

This 64 page, perfect bound adventure for levels 3-4 features the following:

  • The detailed village of Yarrowbone featuring NPCs and 22 locations (can be used as a base for any future adventure).
  • Immersive NPC and building art.
  • Six pieces of cool cartography.
  • Three new juicy magic items.
  • Seven tricky new adversaries.
  • Five engaging mapped encounter locations.
  • Table of additional adventure hooks.
  • Table of NPC names.
  • Information on fitting the adventure into the Lost Wyrld setting of The Midderlands.

So what are you waiting for? — you’ve got mutton to lose by backing Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep today!

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