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It’s time to journey “Deeper Into the Labyrinth” with Aeon: Ancient Greece volume 2!

From Sharktopus Games and author Christopher Willett comes the follow up to their exciting new ‘zine that lets you transport your Dungeon Crawl Classics experience to a time of Gods and Heroes like no other! Aeon: Ancient Greece was a big success on Kickstarter and you can get your hands on the finished product right here, but now is your chance to support the next issue in this series and dare to venture “Deeper Into the Labyrinth.”

Volume 2 picks up where the first book left of, with a party of Greek heroes venturing yet further into the dark Labyrinth of Daedalus. You’ll need all your wits and the luck of the dice gods (and maybe a few others) to survive and make it through to the end to claim your reward. It’s already well-over fully-funded on Kickstarter with a week left to go.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find inside AEON: Ancient Greece Zine Issue #2:

  • “Deeper Into the Labyrinth” is a level 1 DCC compatible adventure filled with even more deadly and sneaky tricks, traps, puzzles and monsters for you and your friends to overcome!
  • A deeper delve into the machinations of the mad genius Daedalus and his “raison d’etre”…
  • Judge’s tips and tricks on running the adventure for maximum fun for everyone!
  •  Call upon the Gods themselves to aid you in your quest! Brand new rules on how to Invoke the Olympian Gods allows you to gain the blessings and boons of the Gods themselves. But supplicant BEWARE! The Gods are notoriously fickle and capricious with their displeasure. Not to mention quick to anger… Be sure you make the appropriate sacrifice in their name if you wish to curry their favor and assistance! 
  • Not to be left out of all the fun, there’s also 3 new Wizard Patron Gods! Will you pledge your allegiance and soul to Hecate, Goddess of witchcraft?.. Or is Morpheus, the God of sleep and king of the land of dreams, weaver and manipulator of dreamstuff more up your alley?.. Perhaps you’ll pledge yourself to Nyx, Goddess of the night, a Goddess as old as the creation of the universe itself, as your patron?..
  • Includes unique Spellburn, Corruption and Taint charts for each Wizard Patron god(dess)!..
  • Plus… 9 BRAND NEW, original Patron specific spells for wizards to master…
  • We’ve also included an extensive list of Ancient Greek heroes that can be used as NPC’s in your stories and adventures! Achilles… Ajax the Great… King Agamemnon… Hercules… Odysseus… Jason and Perseus are just a handful of the famous heroes your PC’s can meet! Includes their stats as well as a brief bio and background history to inspire you.

Volume 2 is nearly DOUBLE the content and page count of Volume 1, clocking in at a whopping 62 pages bursting with great content you won’t want to miss out on!

So, will you out-wily wily Odysseus, or just go sulk in your tent like Achilles? Don’t wait for an invitation from Zeus to back Aeon: Ancient Greece vol. 2: “Deeper Into the Labyrinth’ on kickstarter today!

Author: billward

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