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Frequently Asked Questions — With Answers!

You’ve already seen the announcement, and perhaps you’ve double-checked the guidelines at the 2022 Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest page, but we want to make sure we answer everyone’s questions and clarify all of the guidelines for this contest — check out the FAQ below for the latest!

There are few things as satisfying as mapping in all those undiscovered corners of a dungeon — except maybe imagining all those undiscovered corners in the first place! Participants in the 2022 Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest will do just that. Beginning from the same starting point, each designer will conceive of their own adventure by filling in the blank spaces of our map.

2022 Mystery Map Adventure Design Contest FAQ

Can you submit multiple entries?

Yes, but we recommend you focus on a single entry and make it the best possible submission you can. Submitting a single, strong example of your adventure design skills is more likely to improve your chances of winning than turning in multiple average quality adventure outlines.

Why do I have to write an adventure based on an Appendix N story?

You don’t. We’re not looking for adventures that are clones of another work of fiction, but rather evidence you have a familiarity with of the types of adventures DCC RPG produces. Dungeon Crawl Classics releases adventures that draw inspiration from the Appendix N writers and demonstrating that you’re familiar with these writers, as well as how to emulate those types of adventures, is something we’re looking for. Don’t simply rewrite “Red Nails” or “Jewels in the Forest,” but create an adventure that you could see Conan or Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser experiencing as an all-new story in those series.

Can I use licensed characters and settings in my adventure?

We’d prefer you didn’t. Cugel the Clever shouldn’t appear in your adventure despite the fact we’re producing DCC Dying Earth, for example. Instead, focus on original characters, settings, and monsters that feel like they belong in an Appendix N tale.

When is the exact deadline?

Entries will be accepted until 12 AM (Midnight) Pacific Standard Time on January 31, 2022. That is right up until February 1, 2022 PST (8 AM GMT, 1 February 2022).

Does my contact information (name, mailing address, email address, etc.) count against the 1000 word limit?

No. Only the required legal acknowledgment counts as described in the contest rules.

The Mystery Map Itself – Fill it in for a chance to win!

(Click Map to save a copy)

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