Watch the Maw of Mike Replay on YouTube

We started out 2022 with a bang—and a Curtis! The latest episode of Maw of Mike hit Twitch last night, and you can watch the replay of it now over on the Goodman Games YouTube Channel!

The first episode of the year covered some fantastic news, and included some great guests to boot!

Both Stephen Newton and Julian Bernick joined Michael to talk about their upcoming releases for DCC RPG. Julian was talking about the second printing of Empire of the East and everything that you can expect to see with that release, while Stephen announced the DCC 2022 Valentine’s Day Module, Love in the Age of Gongfarmers.

Plus, Michael talks about the upcoming DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres is Chaos and what lies beyond that adventure, the impending hardcover reprint of Peril on the Purple Planet, and the new design an adventure contest that is happening in the near future.

But why read this when you can get all the details straight from the Michael’s Maw! Watch the video below or head over to YouTube to catch it there!

Author: pandabrett

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