Harley’s 2021 Retrospective: Treasures Looted From the Past Year

Treasures Looted From 2021

by Harley Stroh

The past year was at times grim, dreary, tragic and somehow still monotonous. Threats lurked unseen, and the most basic choices carried the threat of dire consequences.

Imagined another way, 2021 was a dungeoncrawl.

But as any reavers will tell you: if you have to crawl through a dungeon, be sure to loot something on your way out.

So as our party of companions emerges from the gloom – covered in sweat, cobwebs, crypt-dust, and gore – here are some of the treasures we looted from the grimdark dungeon that was last year.

DCC RPG went international:

The gift of running games online was that anyone with an internet connection and a computer could jump in. This last year we had the joy of running tables for players from around the world. And now, as the DCC RPG corebook and adventures go to print in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, the international DCC community is poised to explode. Even once in-person cons return, we look forward to continuing to run online games and cons for the international road crew.

The Hobonomicon lives!

Get yourself over to Doug Kovacs’ Instagram page and check out his cover for Hobonomicon 3: The New Riders of the Lotus Void, DCC’s answer to Métal hurlant. DK and his merry band of tattooed misfits spent their pandemic toiling mightily and we are the beneficiaries of their labors.

Feeding the hungry:

Having the chance to host our own conventions afforded GG the freedom to contribute proceeds to charity. The last year had a way of making you feel helpless in the face of overwhelming grief, so the opportunity to do good some good in the world – no matter how small – was a gift.

The Dark Master got himself a Cabal:

The addition of Mike, Jen, Chris, and Alana to the band cleared the way for a slew projects to go forward. It has been a joy to see new projects leap toward completion and old works be revisited once more. As a writer and a fan, it is an exciting time for Goodman Games and I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store.

It’s Finally Time to Roll Some Dice:

The last year has left all of us hungry to throw some real dice at the table. What previously was common has become precious. To roll up to a table with pencils, paper and a bag loaded with dice will be a joy. When we strike the Doom Gong next, it will be in celebration. Reavers will stride forth to slaughter, cutpurses will swing from the gibbets, warlocks and prophets will vie with dark powers, and we will all raise a toast to the fallen.

Until that glorious day, we’ll see you in the pits, gongfarmer!

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