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Want to game on interiors as cool as our Inn of the Slumbering Drake? Look no further!

A few weeks ago all of Empire of the Cyclops Con was abuzz at the sheer amazingness of the Inn of the Slumbering Drake. It’s not just that is was a cool place to hang out and interact with other con goers — it just looked utterly cool as well.

copyright 2014 Outland Arts

The source of that utter coolness was our very own Will McAusland, someone to whom Goodman Games fans will need no introduction. No one is surprised to hear that Will is a tremendous artist, but the process he used to create the many tiles that went into forming the interior of the Inn is a pretty surprising one — he hand-crafted and sculpted each tile, painted them, and then photographed them! The entire digital tileset that went into creating the look of those interiors started life as a physical, real world object, and no doubt this is what lends the finished pieces such a richness of depth and texture — they feel real, because they are real!

And with Will’s Handcrafted Dungeons line, you can achieve the same effect on your gaming table. With two PDF sets of Basic Dungeon Tiles available for sale, and more on the way (Caverns!), we can’t think of a bigger bang for your buck in elevating the look of your games, and lending some real depth to your dungeon interiors. From the Outland Arts website:

“…everything you see was either made by hand, or built from a scratch model kit as in the case of the skeletons. We made the tiles from an air dry clay, used real stones, sand, and twigs, scraps of wood and then stained, painted and antiqued the tiles. Even the arms and armor on the skeletons were hand built.”

Head on over to Handcrafted Dungeons to have a look at their amazing samples and see for yourself what a difference Will’s painstaking methods make in the finished appearance. If you thought the Inn of the Slumbering Drake looked great, now’s your chance to bring that look home for your own gaming table.

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