Goodman Games and Shield of Faith Partner on Distribution of Umerican Survival Guide

Goodman Games and Shield of Faith Partner on Distribution of Umerican Survival Guide

We are pleased to announce that Goodman Games has entered an agreement with Shield of Faith Studios to distribute The Umerican Survival Guide for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG! This 288-page hardcover setting guide has been one of the best-selling third-party DCC RPG releases. Supported by an extensive product line and marketing from publisher Shield of Faith Studios, the Umerican Survival Guide was originally offered via print-on-demand options. Goodman Games will now publish a new printing of the same great content, manufactured on offset press and distributed to hobby channels under the Goodman Games imprint. 

“There have been hundreds of third-party DCC titles published since DCC RPG was first released. Reid San Filippo’s creations have consistently been among the most popular,” said Joseph Goodman, owner of Goodman Games. “I think most of the dedicated DCC fan base has known and appreciated his work on the Umerica setting. I am excited to help bring that setting to even more gamers.”

“I am honored to partake in this joint venture with Goodman Games. Joseph has been incredibly supportive since I reached out to him about starting the Umerica line with the Crawling Under A Broken Moon zine in 2013. I look forward to this being the first of many publishing agreements between Shield of Faith Studios and Goodman Games,” said Reid San Filippo, owner of Shield of Faith Studios. “My hope is that this new printing of the Umerican Survival Guide will reach even more DCC enthusiasts and inspire them to adventure in the weird wastelands of Umerica.”

Retailers will be able to purchase The Umerican Survival Guide under SKU GMG3P201 with an anticipated release date of January 2022.

Author: pandabrett

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