Road Crew, What Was Your Favorite Swag Ever? Tell Us!

Attention Road Crew — We Want to Know What You Want in Your Swag Bag!

To our valiant legions of Judges across the universe: we’re currently planning the upcoming 2022 season, and we’d love the benefit of your considered expertise, connoisseurship, and passion for super cool swag. That’s right, we need your input if we’re going to do this thing right — we want to hear about your favorite Road Crew swag of all time!

Was it the retro-practicality of the air freshener that won your heart? Or perhaps the custom pencil became your doodle-talisman? Surely the notepad has accompanied many adventures both great and small; the keychain has dangled over long miles of open road between cons; the buttons and the iron-ons, the patches and the bumper stickers, and the mighty trucker hat itself, have all proclaimed many a gamer’s DCC allegiance in limited edition style. And just think how much more official those funnel casualty-counts feel with an honest-to-goodness Dead Stamp!

Why the insistence on a walk down memory lane? Because 2022 will include a return to the classics — the classic swag that is! So tell us about all that past swag that stands out as having an extra-certain something, that true time-tested appeal, and that sweet swell swagginess of swagtacular proportions.

Please email with your suggestions, and your favorites of the past may be reborn!

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