Save Big on Goodman Games in the Black Friday Humble Bundle!

It’s Black Friday, and you can get an AMAZING bargain over at Humble Bundle!

Right now you can grab the Black Friday RPG Bonanza over at Humble Bundle that includes 10 PDF products for DCC RPG—along with over 30 other products—for one amazingly low price. The Goodman Games products include the DCC Core Rulebook, the Dungeon Crawl Classics Annual, the DCC RPG Judge’s Screen, and seven holiday-themed modules!

All-in-all you get over $600 worth of product, for as low as $25. That’s right—more than $600 for as low as $25! However, you can pay more, and do it for a good cause, because a portion of all proceeds from this sale goes to charity. So open up your pocketbook and show some love for one of the charities associated with the sale.

Head on over to the Black Friday RPG Bonanza over at Humble Bundle! This promotion won’t last long, and it’s a deal that is hard to pass up!

Author: jmcdevitt

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