Hear Michael Curtis on the Podcast “So I’m Writing A Novel”

Did you know that we are one month out from the birthday of Fritz Leiber? The man behind Lankhmar was born on December 24th and then went on to change our lives.

One life in particular that Leiber impacted was that of our director of DCC RPG, Michael Curtis. Michael was the lead developer on the DCC Lankhmar line and even spent a week down at the Leiber Library in Houston to research the man and his work.

And that kind of work draws attention. Michael was recently invited onto the “So I’m Writing A Novel” podcast by Oliver Brackenbury to talk about all things Lankhmar.

Here’s the description from the podcast site:

Since Oliver greatly enjoys the role-playing games & adventures written by Fritz Leiber scholar Michael Curtis, while Leiber’s Fafhrd & Grey Mouser stories have been a great source of inspiration for Oliver’s novel-in-progress, you better believe he was excited to talk with Michael about: Why people should read the Fafhrd & Grey Mouser stories, how these characters so defined by their friendship were born of a real-life bromance, what defines Leiber’s writing style, what makes F&GM’s home – Lankhmar – the ultimate fantasy adventure city, how Michael made writing RPGs his career, what it was like poring over Leiber’s original papers at an archive in Houston, and more!

So head on over to their website to listen to Michael talk about Leiber and his life! Or you can download the latest episode of “So I’m Writing A Novel” wherever you get your podcasts!

Author: pandabrett

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