Interested in Publishing for DCC RPG? Listen to The Scrivenery

Did you know that Goodman Games allows publishers to produce their own material that is fully compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics? It’s true!

Many of the publishers have become quite adept at crafting original products for DCC RPG or MCC RPG, leveling up their skills to amazing levels. And thanks to the welcoming aspect of the DCC community, they sometimes even share their knowledge absolutely free.

Enter The Scrivenery. Publishers Ed Stanek and Trevor Stamper have put together a show that airs on the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel, where they offer up advice and guidance from their own personal experience.

If you aren’t able to make the live shows, though, don’t fret: you can now catch them over on YouTube! As of right now, two episodes are available, but more will be added as they come out. For folks wanting to become a part of the third-party publishing community, these are must-watch videos!

So head on over to YouTube to give them a look and listen! Ed and Trevor are ready to share their experience with everyone!

Author: pandabrett

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