Final Day for The Skull’s Kickstarter!


As was foretold by the Skull himself, the Kickstarter campaign which shall bring MORE Tales From the Magician’s Skull to a public hungry for eldritch peril, dazzling imagination, and intense action, has roared into life like an Octobear provoked from its slumber. Already the Skull has reached his humble goal, Kickstarter has declared the campaign a “Project We Love [to Fear],” and the sky itself seems to be the only limit to the Skull’s ambition! (That is, until the flying apes with broader wingspans are finally put into mass production . . .)

As well as ensuring the magazine’s future, Kickstarter backers will receive an exclusive special issue loaded with fan-favorite authors in addition to their subscription to the best magazine of contemporary sword-and-sorcery around. Show your allegiance to the Legion of the Skull or try your hand at interning with two T-shirt designs available as add-ons. True fanatics to the cause may even wish to procure for themselves a higher rank on the Last to be Immolated list once it goes into print in a future issue — but be warned, no amount of smerduks will buy a place in the line ahead of perennial worthies such as Howard Andrew Jones, Terry Olson, or Levar Burton!

For our loyal minions who support this Kickstarter, we are prepared to offer a Kickstarter exclusive issue! This special issue of the magazine is assembled from outstanding submissions to the open call. This issue will be available in PDF outside of Kickstarter, but the print edition is only offered through pledging to this Kickstarter. Thanks to your generous pledges, we’ve already been able to add two additional stories to this issue—but there is still a chance to expand it further!


We are pleased to announce another exciting stretch goal for this project. In addition to the two bonus stories already appearing in the Special Issue thanks to the number of backers, we are also going to give one Bitskull to every backer who subscribes to at least 5 issues. Just think of the appreciation possibilities, backers! You can get in on the ground floor for Bitskull!

Specific to format, er, we should specify that Bitskulls are actually being produced not as digital currency but as drink coasters. You see, they’re just the right size. So once they’re mined from the Skull’s crypt, you can use them to keep your table surfaces safe from the condensation on your ale mugs, mead tankards, and even coffee mugs. Because that’s how much Bitskull is worth…enough to hold your drink.

The Skull believes you should read his magazine straight through without pause, so he does not see the need for bookmarks. However, we were able to articulate the clear and pressing need for holding one’s place when minions interrupt one’s concentration, or in the event of attack by rival sorcerer. Therefore, the Skull has acquiesced to the bookmark request, and Lester the Layout Wizard has completed his rituals and summoned some glorious creations. Thus we are pleased to announce:

All print subscribers will receive new bookmark designs with their magazine! 

Now let us gaze upon the magic which Lester hath wrought. Share these pictures with allies and henchmen! Let all gaze upon the glory which is the Skull’s bookmark!

Everything wraps up in a matter of hours! This is your final chance to pledge to be a part of the ongoing Tales From the Magician’s Skull publication, and The Skull wants you to be a minion of the highest regard! Pledge today at the highest level to receive the next 9 issues AND see your name on the last to be immolated list!

Author: jmcdevitt

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