Last Chance to Pledge for the DCC Tournament of Pigs Kickstarter!

Take Dungeon Crawl Classics and add a touch of Xcrawl Classics and you might get something similar to The Tournament of Pigs Boxed Set from Weird Works, now running over on Kickstarter!

This new boxed set gives you everything you need to run the adventure, including a battlemap, player aids, and even character standees to put you on the field. And if you want to kick it up to the next level, this campaign also offers optional miniatures to go along with the adventure.

What exactly happens in the adventure? Let’s take a look.

Here’s a description straight from the Kickstarter campaign:

Tournament of Pigs is an unforgettable adventure that has players taking the role of commoners trapped in a medieval game show competition. The twelve events test luck and skill, but also creativity and improvisation. Do you think you can cook a cake good enough for the king? How good are you at wrestling greased piglets? Can you outrun an aberration while tied to another hapless contender?

The adventure introduces semi-competitive play as players not only attempt to survive but also uncover the secrets of each event and score valuable Silver Prizes. The tournament is bloody, but if a player’s character is killed another event starts soon, and the player brings a new character into the competition.

Unlike most adventure modules, Tournament of Pigs is not fully cooperative. Players will be competing to score the most points by the end of the session, to be declared the winner. Just how competitive the players want to play it is entirely up to them. 

It’s death and mayhem on a celebratory scale! Fans are sure to be cheering your fourth, and maybe even fifth, character as they fight for their lives! Blood, mayhem, and death…they all await you in the Tournament of Pigs Boxed Set!

We’re down to the final hours of the campaign! Several stretch goals have already been met, but can you help push it over the top to reach all of them? Support it today!

Author: pandabrett

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