More Details on the DCC RPG 9th Printing

The legend of Dungeon Crawl Classics continues to grow!

We hope you had a chance to catch the recent broadcast of Maw of Mike, where many aspects of the upcoming DCC and MCC product lines were discussed. The show is now available over on YouTube, so you can watch it right now and get all of the details.

Among many other things, Mike discussed the upcoming 9th printing of DCC RPG, and what to expect when it hits shelves soon.

The hardcover edition features a new printing of the now-famous Sanjulian cover, one of the most popular alternate covers we’ve ever done, as well as totally new cover by Stefan Poag! Check them both out below.

In addition, we’ve made a distinctive change to the interior of the book: the next printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classics softcover will feature updated text that has been adjusted to gender-neutral pronouns.

All these editions will go on sale in the coming month or two as they arrive from the printer, making them great gifts for the holiday season!

Look for more details soon!

Author: pandabrett

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