Announcing the “Mutant Astronaut” Cover for MCC RPG!

What did you want to be when you grew up? An Astronaut? A Mutant?! Why not both?

Recently, those of you valiant enough to brave the Maw of Mike were treated to some fresh info from Director of Product Development Michael Curtis on upcoming DCC and MCC product lines. While we won’t go into everything here — go check out the show for the full run down! — we just can’t contain ourselves when it comes to sharing some exciting Mutant Crawl Classics news.

Such as, how the latest printing of Mutant Crawl Classics is stomping its way on big, mutated flipper feet down the production pipeline and will very soon be appearing on store shelves of both the physical and the virtual kind. This latest printing will include both hardback and softback editions, and will soon be available for sale — keep an eye on our web store for more info as things develop!

And, in extra-cool news, this latest version will also have a new, limited run cover edition from the artistic phenomenon that is Sanjulian. Behold — MCC: The Mutant Astronaut edition!

Author: billward

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