Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Goodie Awards

The Dark Master and some friends hosted a special show where they handed out the honorifics to all of this year’s recipients. And not only were these recommendations from the Goodman Games staff, but this year we opened up nominations to the public at large!

Be sure to watch the video below to get all of the details, and let’s all raise a glass to the winners of the 2021 Goodie Awards!

2021 Goodie Award Recipients

  • Hugh Kaserman, for doing a great job shipping Goodman Games orders from the online store, with accuracy, attention to detail, and minimal damages.
  • Bob Brinkman, for running more than 90 DCC events year-to-date, on pace to pass 100 by the end of 2021, and all the contributions he’s made to the community in doing so – great games, and also valuable playtests and games for new players.
  • Eric Daum, for his amazing documentary about Goodman Games at Gen Con 2019.
  • Alex Kurowski, for his continual support of Goodman Games through his Twenty Sides to Every Story channel, including live-plays, hosted livestreams, unboxings, public events, and more.
  • Ray Franklin, for his support running our Prism of Redemption tournament at Dungeon Con Online, including prep work and judging two slots.
  • Dieter Zimmerman, for introducing Goodman Games to Gather.Town and setting the stage for all the great things that would come next.
  • Matt Robertson (aka GrapeApe), for being an active and friendly member of the Discord community, running so many Road Crew games, and serving as an exemplary member of the fan community.
  • Jon Wilson (aka bygrinstow) for bring a pleasantly refreshing member of the Discord community and forums, and helping fans and customers at all times with a sense of humor and respect.
  • Ed Stanek has made many contributions through his public events and games, and published products, and earns this Goodie specifically for his work organizing a Goodman Games presence at Gen Con 2021.
  • Erica King, who has been a tournament and convention judge for many years, and earns this Goodie specifically for her work organizing a Goodman Games presence at Gen Con 2021.
  • Mica Stanton (aka DJ Foxy), for his ongoing community support, great DCC demo games, and support of XCC.
  • William Keller, for his enjoyable and engaging games as a DCC demo crew member, and his support of the DCC Dying Earth demo games.
  • Mica Fetz, for connecting players in Baltimore and around the country through DCC games. He has run games, and also touched lives through his supporting, inclusive, encouraging games.
  • Yorkus Rex, for being the backbone of the Chattanooga DCC community, and all the support he brings to the game there.
  • Raven Shadowz, for running so many excellent games during the pandemic, and opening them up to the general public for anyone to join.
  • Rev. Dak J. Ultimak, for creating the original DCC zine, Crawl!, and setting the stage for so many creative third party products to follow.
  • Jonathan Snodgrass, for creating the DCC supplement Star Crawl, which pushes DCC into new places, and continues to be one of the most popular DCC supplements sold on the Goodman Games online store.
  • Christian Ovensik and Steve Barnett, for their tireless work helping to create the Foundry version of DCC RPG.
  • Haley Skach, for being the most deadly judge at the Return to the Starless Sea tournament, TPK’ing 4 of her teams in round 1 and killing 54 PCs out of 32 (yes, she killed many of them twice).

Congratulations again to all of the winners!

Author: pandabrett

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