Many New DCC Announcements on Last Night’s Maw of Mike!

Last night a new show from Goodman Games made its debut on Twitch, as we opened up The Maw of Mike! It’s the new show where the director of DCC product development Michael Curtis discusses all the DCC projects currently in the works.

The first episode got off to a tremendous start by featuring an appearance of our own Dark Master, Mr. Joseph Goodman, and it only went up from there!

On last night’s show, there was discussion of the amazing new covers for the DCC RPG 9th Printing, the new softcover and limited edition covers of the Mutant Crawl Classics core rulebook, the latest progress on Xcrawl Classics, the DCC RPG edition of Dungeon Denizens, and much, much more!

You can wait until the formal announcements come to the Goodman Games page, OR you can watch the replay of the first episode right now!

And if you are feeling in more of a 5E mood, then you’ll want to check out the replay of What’s Coming Down the 5E Pike from Empire of the Cyclops Con!

In that episode, the director of 5E projects, Chris Doyle, informs the viewer on the latest news from the Goodman Games 5E front.

Chris covers the full gamut of the 5E plan, starting off with a conversation (once again) with Joseph Goodman, before going on through the upcoming schedule of both announced and secret projects. Including Crypt of the Devil Lich and Dungeon Denizens!

Catch the replay of both episodes over on YouTube today and make sure you have all the latest news!

Author: pandabrett

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