Last Day to Support Seekers of the Un-K’Nown MCC Adventure!

From Dandyline Games and author Louis Hoefer comes an exciting new ‘zine that takes your Mutant Crawl Classics game to the next level! It is The Stuff of Legend…

Right now over on Kickstarter, you can provide support to make Seekers of the Un-K’Nown add another layer to your MCC RPG campaign. Here’s a description of the book, straight from the Kickstarter campaign:

You have heard it told: during the Protracted Catacylem of the 2nd Epoch, this dying planet was clinched in war with an invasive alien force known as the “Destrageists.” Hailing from beyond the red planet, the Space Probe Agency called upon the heroes of that era to prepare a defense against these fungal lifeforms. There are (rather melodic) epic ballads that tell the tale of Rogo Khan- a cunning military strategist- and Zee L’Gar- an ostentatious futurist and inventor. These two culled their might to lead an army of well-trained and technologically-aided ancients to combat these foreign invaders. Possibly ending the cataclysm and uniting the “nay-shuns” of the ancients, this duo and their shock-troops seemingly couldn’t be stopped. Yes, the grandeur of their exploits is something of mythology now but even respectable elders sometimes admit a deep-seated belief that such character might have been real and that their fabled base, Quartum-Q with all its technological enchantment may still exist!

In Seekers of the Un-K’Nown, recent explosions of ancient ordinances have awoken something evil. The creature, thought to be ‘smart-metal’, has been raiding your village at night-making off with livestock, pets, and now even villagers. your under-performance as a seeker has kept you alive and off-duty this long, but last night, Horga-Lu- the mother of your love-promise- was taken and the village chief deems it fitting that YOU should traverse the dreaded “Lands of Boom” and find where this ancient terror is holding its captives. Can you save your future mother-in-law? What is the “smart-metal’ up to? And what of all those childhood tales about Quartum-Q and the brave heroes that once defended the ancients?

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find inside Seekers of the Un-K’Nown:

  • Includes two double-sided 11″ x 17″ maps of Quartum-Q filled with “old-school” goodness including: tricks, traps, and imagative encounters.
  • Includes a breadth of new monsters and “ancient” artifacts—not to mention a multitude of Easter eggs to warm the hearts of old dungeoneers.

The Kickstarter is already fully funded, but there are some great stretch goals just around the corner! Help them reach their next tier and get these rewards:

  • An additional color hex map of the lands around Quartum-Q
  • More character art and table of pregenerated 1st-level characters with starting gear!

They’re reached their stretch goal plateau! Back the Kickstarter while you still can to get all the bonus material!

Author: pandabrett

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