Sunday’s Schedule for Empire of the Cyclops Con


Proud Pappa Cyclops and his adorably conquest-minded Spawn have ravaged the lands in order to bring gamers a convention like no other! But before we detail everything you can expect from today’s convention, the Cyclops wants Con attendees to know that everyone signed up for Empire of the Cyclops Con is eligible to win free stuff!

Indeed, just tune in this morning at 10 am EST for Brett and Susan’s The Morning Roundup show on the Official Goodman Games Twitch Channel to see if you win the raffle! Everyone with a Con Badge is automatically entered to win randomly-selected prizes from a pool of adventures and other publications, many of them signed by Goodman Games authors and designers.

As we start day three, here is what we can look forward to in this jampacked day of gaming and events, but make sure you adjust your plans in light of the Temporal Disturbance of Daylight Savings Time!

A Note on Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time went into effect in the USA last evening. For all of our international audience, this time change is taken into account by the Table Top Events page, which will display events accurately in your local time zone. When in doubt about the time for an event, double check TTE’s event schedule. But for some of our content, such as Twitch streams, please be advised that the times listed below are now one hour earlier relative to your local time zone. (ie., if yesterday you were five hours ahead of the US East Coast, today you are six).

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s start with the Twitch schedule for Sunday!

Twitch Schedule for Sunday, November 7

View them all at the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

8:00 am EST –  Breakfast With the Cyclops

The Cyclops is back with another early-morning meal, and you’re invited to join him. He’ll have…breakfast. And we’re pretty sure that he’ll have something to say, as well. He’s kind of hard to keep quiet, honestly…

10:00 am EST –  The Morning Roundup – Feeding the Cyclops (Sans Cyclops)

Susan and Brett are on hand live to give you a preview of the day’s events! Find out the latest news and happenings for the con as they prepare you for the day! Plus, they’ll be raffling off prizes to attendees! Find out if you win anything from our pool of gifts! (Need not be present to win.)

12:00 noon EST –  In the Studio With Brad

Join Goodman Games artist Brad McDevitt in the studio as he works on his latest project and shares his insights.

2:00 pm EST –  Ask Me Anything with Chris and Mike

Want to know what’s happening with Dungeon Crawl Classics? Curious about the path of the Goodman 5E line? Just want to know what their favorite flavor of ice cream might be? You’re in luck! Today we’ll be hosting an AMA with Mike Curtis and Chris Doyle over on Twitch. They’ll be taking questions and providing answers as best they can!

4:00 pm EST – Loot the Body Music Videos

Loot the Body is an LA-based musical group that produces psych indie rock inspired by classic sci-fi, fantasy, and D&D. For several years, Loot the Body has been paying musical homage to Appendix N and classic RPG adventures. Their new release Hex Volume 2 drops on 11/5 and Empire of the Cyclops Con will premiere 6 new songs from that album. Plus, Loot the Body now turn their gaze to DCC RPG with a song inspired by one of the most beloved 0-level funnel adventures of all time.

8:00 pm EST – The 2021 Goodie Awards

The Dark Master hosts this special show where he hands out the honorifics to all of this year’s recipients. And not only will these come from the Goodman Games staff, but this year we opened up nominations to the public at large!

Tune in to see all the winners and be a part of the festivities tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST!

9:00 pm EST – Closing Ceremonies

We wrap up the convention with a discussion about the weekend’s events and all the fun that was had! Our Dark Master brings along some special guests to discuss the happenings and the future.

And you never know, there might be a surprise or two in store…

Convention Hall Update

EVERYONE is welcome in our online In-Con Experience! Come in and explore the Empire of the Cyclops, visit the dealers and artists in the Citadel of the Cyclops, and hang out with friends at The Inn of the Slumbering Drake! We can’t wait to see you online!

And while you’re exploring the convention with the aid our our Empire Map, keep your eyes peeled for secret stickers. More than a dozen intrepid adventurers have already located the stickers and claimed their prizes. Will you be able to do so? Click below to join the live con experience (you don’t even need a convention badge!) and see if you can solve the riddles and find the prizes! There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have them!”

You can join the In-Con Experience right now!

Games With Open Seats

Looking for a last-minute game to play? You’re in luck! Here are some events that you can still squeeze into and play today — but hurry, there aren’t many unclaimed spots to go around!

1:00 pm EST – Event 25 – The Blackest Friday (DCC Umerica) *two spots left*

Level 5 DCC Umerica adventure. This is a playtest for experienced players. Have you ever wanted to help Santa save Black Friday in the apocalypse? In this adventure you have the opportunity. Not for kids.

1:00 pm EST – Event 87 – The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust (DCC RPG) *two spots left*

A band of torchbearers passes the shop of Ogo the Jeweler, where Cheap Street intersects Dowager Alley. Their brands sputter and spit in the darkness as the cold rain courses off the tile roof, pouring down into the street and draining into a nearby sewer. You flex your fingers to ward off the chill, silently thankful for a night without moon or stars. The fences of Punjar are infamous for their cunning and greed, and Boss Ogo is no exception. Operating under the guise of a jeweler, Ogo does a brisk trade in stolen goods, enjoying the protection of a gang of bravos and thugs. But even the wary eye of a gang boss is no promise of surety in Punjar’s deadly environs. For the last month, no one has seen or heard from Ogo. The jeweler’s door is barred, his shutters locked, and no smoke escapes from the shop’s chimney. Like ravens circling a stinking carcass, the bravos and pinch thieves of the Souk smell a fortune for the taking. All that is required is a band of rogues audacious enough to cross Boss Ogo, skilled enough to survive his house of traps, and lucky enough to make it out alive. *New Players Welcome*

2:00 pm EST – Event 99 –  Attack of the Plane Jumper (DCC RPG) *three spots left*

The wizard Chyttrip seeks the 716 pure elemental decompositions of phlogiston, to manipulate phlogiston at will with the power of a god. Chyttrip has arrived in your world to collect element number 652. What role will you play in Chyttrip’s machinations? This is a funnel, I’ll provide 0-level chars. *New Players Welcome*

2:00 pm EST – Event 136 – The Sinister Sutures of the Sempstress (DCC RPG) *two spots left*

Not for the nervous! This adventure contains themes of fantasy horror! Your mothers were wrong: there ARE monsters in the cellar! Terror seeks out the adventurers, drawing them into a tailored web of vengeance long deferred as, torn from their beds in their own homes, they find themselves trapped in the House of Tattered Remnants, the home and prison of an eldritch entity known as the Sempstress. Can they overcome patchwork horrors, unearthly craftsmen and even the unravelling of their own realities? If they survive these challenges, they must then face the Sempstress in her own lair, defeat her and escape: However, failure will result in the players being unmade by her evil!

And be sure to scour the map and keep an eye out for Empire of the Cyclops Con’s prized secret Secret Prize Stickers!

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