Saturday’s Schedule for Empire of the Cyclops Con


The Cyclops is so proud of his daughter after yesterday’s amazing start at imperial dominion, and he just couldn’t wait to give everyone an overview of what to expect today.

So let’s start with the Twitch schedule for Saturday.

Twitch Schedule for Saturday, November 6

View them all at the Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel!

8:00 am EST –  Breakfast With the Cyclops

Start your convention morning off with a healthy meal with The Cyclops! He’ll be eating his breakfast and…well, we know he’ll be eating his breakfast. Beyond that he’s a little unpredictable…

10:00 am EST –  The Morning Roundup – Feeding the Cyclops (Sans Cyclops)

Susan and Brett are on hand live to give you a preview of the day’s events! Find out the latest news and happenings for the con as they prepare you for the day! Plus, they’ll be raffling off prizes to attendees! Find out if you win anything from our pool of gifts! (Need not be present to win.)

1:00 pm EST –  Loot the Body Music Videos

Loot the Body is an LA-based musical group that produces psych indie rock inspired by classic sci-fi, fantasy, and D&D. For several years, Loot the Body has been paying musical homage to Appendix N and classic RPG adventures. Their new release Hex Volume 2 drops on 11/5 and Empire of the Cyclops Con will premiere 6 new songs from that album. Plus, Loot the Body now turn their gaze to DCC RPG with a song inspired by one of the most beloved 0-level funnel adventures of all time.

4:00 pm EST –  Save Xcrawl Final Round

With the Empire threatening to take Xcrawl out of the public sphere and make it a military-only training tool, the nation is in an uproar. Now the Oracle of Key West makes a startling pronouncement: the Gods of Olympus declare that if the Adventurer’s League can put together a crawl that delights all the Children of Cronos approve of, they shall declare the Empire’s ruling void and Xcrawl shall remain the measure of the common man. Will you rise to meet the challenge! 

Save Xcrawl is the 2021 Empire of the Cyclops Con tournament adventure, designed by Terry Olsen, Marc Bruner, Stephen Newton, Marzio Muscedere, and Brendan LaSalle. Tune in live to watch Judge Brendan run the finalists through their most harrowing adventure—broadcast live for the Empire to watch and enjoy!

8:30 pm EST – Saturday Night at the Cy-bar

When the barman rings that bell you know what time it is! It’s Saturday Night at the Cy-Bar, at Empire of the Cyclops Con, Saturday from 8:30-9:00 p.m. EST on The Goodman Games Official Twitch Channel. The convention is so busy we are only opening the doors for a half-hour, and that is all the more reason to grab a stool and say hey to Weird Uncle Brendan as he pours double-shots of fun and commentary.

Content warning: alcohol, alcohol discussion, tipsy uncle.

9:00 pm EST – The Scrivenery

Ed Stanek and Trevor Stamper share some tips and insights on the process of 3rd-party-publishing for DCC RPG.

Convention Hall Update

EVERYONE is welcome in our online In-Con Experience! Come in and explore the Empire of the Cyclops, visit the dealers and artists in the Citadel of the Cyclops, and hang out with friends at The Inn of the Slumbering Drake! We can’t wait to see you online!

And while you’re exploring the convention with the aid our our Empire Map, keep your eyes peeled for secret stickers. More than a dozen intrepid adventurers have already located the stickers and claimed their prizes. Will you be able to do so? Click below to join the live con experience (you don’t even need a convention badge!) and see if you can solve the riddles and find the prizes! There are treasures to be won deep underneath, and you shall have them!”

You can join the In-Con Experience right now!

Games With Open Seats

Looking for a last-minute game to play? You’re in luck! Here are some events that you can still squeeze into and play today!

8:00 am EST – Event 111 – Beneath the Well of Brass (DCC RPG)

Standing before the seething fissure, armed with only your simple tools and desperate courage, you must accomplish what an army of blackguards cannot . . . The Well of Brass awaits! Designed to be run in a single session, this introductory 0-level module wrenches your PCs free from their humble lives and casts them into a world of high adventure. Many will perish amidst the strange mysteries, weird foes, and forgotten magics, for only the most courageous and cunning of reavers can emerge from Beneath the Well of Brass. (A DCC Day 2021 Adventure) *New Players Welcome*

10:00 am EST – Event 30 – The Precipice of Corruption (DCC RPG)

The town of Stennard sits at the edge of the world. When the crops fail and the “final hope” hunting party goes missing, a horde of townsfolk turned mercenary push into the forbidden lands looking for answers to claim a 10 copper piece reward! *New Players Welcome*

11:00 am EST – Event 134 – Exodus of Wolfsbane (DCC RPG)

Exodus of Wolfbane, an epic 0-to-2 level adventure for DCC. Yesterday Wolfbane was razed by a jealous king determined to find Shadowforde, the mysterious spellcaster who has aided the citizens for generations. Today you and a few dozen survivors are on the run, desperately trying to protect him. *New Players Welcome*

12:00 noon EST – Event 62 – The Jeweler Who Dealt in Stardust (DCC RPG)

Ogo the Jeweler, a fence known to all the thieves in Punjar, has not been seen in some time. Now the thieves are beginning to circle like sharks. Untold riches no doubt lie unclaimed in his empty shop. It would be a shame to let them go unclaimed… *New Players Welcome*

1:00 pm EST – Event 113 – Temple Siege! (DCC RPG)

The PCs have ventured out onto the wild steppe in search of a treasure hidden in a humble forgotten temple. Bring your first level DCC/MCC Legacy characters! *New Players Welcome*

5:00 pm EST – Event 40 – Contemplation of the Dust (DCC RPG)

For first level characters. Once upon a time civilization has begun to encroach on the ancient woods, and rumors have begun to surface regarding a certain burial mound in a distant clearing which is best avoided by right thinking people, although filled with the secrets of the ancients…

A Note on Daylight Savings Time

Tonight at 2:00 am, the strange chronomancy of Daylight Savings Time will be enacted in a futile effort to subvert the Spawn of the Cyclops’ Imperial Ambitions! For all of our international audience, Daylight Savings Time will go into effect in the USA late this evening after all of our scheduled events (it will not effect today’s times) — this time change is taken into account by the Table Top Events page, which will display events in your local timezone. When in doubt, double check TTE’s event schedule, but for some of our content such as Twitch streams be advised that the times listed tomorrow will be one hour earlier relative to your local time zone.

And be sure to scour the map and keep an eye out for Empire of the Cyclops Con’s prized secret Secret Prize Stickers!

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